Eighties Vehicles at the 2014 Mecum Dallas

Mecum’s September auction in Dallas included a lot of cars and trucks from the 1980s. As always, I’ll concentrate on the cars that actually sold (remember that Mecum’s events are not no reserve auctions—a white 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo coupe with 92,000 miles was a no sale bid up to $65,000) and add some of my opinions. Where I have covered the specific year and model of a car in this blog, I’ll link to it.


  • 1987 black BMW M6 coupe—$10,000 hammer price
  • 1985 maroon/gray two-tone Chevrolet El Camino pickup truck—$5,500
  • 1986 tan Chevrolet Silverado mild custom pickup truck—$10,000
  • 1987 red Porsche 944 coupe—$5,000 is between #3 and #4 condition money, according to Hagerty’s valuation tools.
  • 1981 blue Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible—$5,000


  • 1982 white Ferrari Mondial coupe with 37,000 miles—$12,000
  • 1980 green MGB convertible with 28,000 miles—$11,000
  • 1985 black/silver two-tone Rolls-Royce Silver Spur sedan—$8,500 for this car whose values are in slow but steady decline as the frightful cost of performing deferred maintenance for an imperfect car becomes more and more obvious.
  • 1986 red Chevrolet K10 mild custom pickup truck—at $16,000 the first eighties vehicle sold in this auction is also the first eighties vehicle to meet my criteria for serious 1980s collectability of original cars or trucks: selling for equal to or above its original base list price. I’ll mark these vehicles in bold green.
  • 1987 white Chevrolet K5 Blazer SUV—$12,000
  • 1982 red Fiat X1/9—an ouch! at $3,000 for this tiny (12.5 feet long) little wedge.
  • 1982 red Toyota FJ-60 Land Cruiser SUV—$11,500
  • 1988 black Chevrolet K5 Blazer mild custom SUV—$12,500
  • 1989 burgundy Ford Bronco XLT SUV—$10,500
  • 1983 black/silver two-tone Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds with 42,000 miles—$12,000 for a chance to use that crazy Lightning Rod shifter.
  • 1984 tan Dodge Caravan minivan with 71 miles—$7,000 for a minivan you can drive right to AACA judging.
  • 1988 black Dodge Lancer sedan with 28 miles—$5,500
  • 1987 red Dodge Daytona coupe with 22 miles—$9,000
  • 1988 mauve Dodge Colt station wagon with 41 miles—$8,000
  • 1985 red Jeep CJ-7 SUV—$13,000
  • 1980 red Chevrolet Corvette coupe with 26,000 miles—$10,000


  • 1983 white Excalibur Phaeton Series IV coupe – $24,000. Excaliburs are generally regarded as the best of the neo-classics and they do have a following—this is reasonable money for a Series IV.
  • 1988 gray/blue two-tone Chevrolet K5 Blazer SUV with 93,000 miles—$13,500
  • 1986 white Chevrolet K5 Blazer SUV with 52,000 miles—$16,500
  • 1980 black MGB convertible—$5,000
  • 1980 black Chevrolet Corvette coupe—$19,500 is right at solid #2 condition money for a late L48 shark with an automatic, especially one that doesn’t have notably low miles. The black exterior/red leather interior combination along with the mirrored t-tops may have added some money to the final number.
  • 1980 green Toyota FJ-43 Land Cruiser SUV—$38,000
  • 1985 red Jeep CJ-7 custom SUV—$26,000
  • 1987 white Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon with 76,000 miles—$7,000 for what I see as the most surprising that it was saved eighties car in this auction. Who buys this car and what are their intentions for it?
  • 1981 red Chevrolet Corvette custom coupe—$18,500
  • 1982 gray Datsun 280Z coupe—$7,000
  • 1982 silver DeLorean DMC-12 coupe—$19,000


  • 1981 beige Chevrolet Corvette coupe—$12,000. The wrong color can just kill you with Corvettes.
  • 1986 black Buick Grand National coupe with 9,000 miles—$29,000
  • 1987 white Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible—$7,000. Are the folks who are bringing these cars to auction making any money on them?
  • 1983 Mustard Yellow Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser SUV—$57,000 makes this iconic truck the highest eighties sale of the auction.
  • 1987 orange Land Rover Defender 90 SUV—$39,500

This certainly was a very different sale from the last Mecum auction at Monterey—for example, this one had trucks, and they sold for good money. What do you think of this auction’s results?


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