Eighties Vehicles at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

As always, the January auction at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale provided much interesting fodder for commentary. I’ll stay away from the “Salon Collection” and concentrate on the 1980s cars (and a few trucks) that sold and add some of my opinions.


  • 1981 green two-tone Cadillac Seville sedan—$1,000 hammer price.
  • 1984 Light Briar Metallic Oldsmobile Toronado coupe with 32,000 miles—$6,200
  • 1987 green Toyota custom pickup truck—$2,500
  • 1987 Copper Chevrolet Corvette coupe—$5,750
  • 1980 black Mercedes-Benz 450SLC coupe—$9,500
  • 1989 Signal Red Jaguar XJS convertible (the real convertible, not the earlier targa convertible)—$6,200
  • 1986 white Mercedes-Benz 560SL convertible—$17,500
  • 1986 black Mercedes-Benz 560SEL sedan—$7,500
  • 1987 black Buick Grand National coupe with 15,000 miles—at $23,000 the first car in this auction to meet my criteria for serious 1980s collectability of original cars: selling for equal to or above its original list price. I’ll mark these cars in bold green.
  • 1987 black Buick Grand National coupe—$25,000
  • 1987 Bright White Buick Regal Turbo coupe with T-tops and 39,000 miles—$18,500
  • 1987 black Buick Grand National coupe (was somebody dumping Grand Nationals at Scottsdale?)—$18,500
  • 1989 white Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 20th Anniversary Edition coupe with 10,000 miles—$28,500
  • 1988 red Ferrari Mondial convertible (always the 80s Ferrari stepchild)—$29,000
  • 1985 Chevrolet Camaro very custom coupe—$8,000


  • 1986 Dark Chestnut Metallic Oldsmobile Cutlass coupe—$5,200
  • 1988 silver Mercedes-Benz 560SL convertible—$11,500
  • 1984 Bright Red Chevrolet Corvette coupe—$10,000
  • 1988 gray Mercedes-Benz 560SL convertible —$12,000
  • 1981 Beige/Dark Bronze Chevrolet Corvette coupe—$13,000
  • 1987 white Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS aero coupe with 11,000 miles—$17,600
  • 1988 Dark Red Metallic Chevrolet Corvette coupe with 10,000 miles—$12,500
  • 1988 red Ford Mustang Saleen coupe—$24,500
  • 1985 white Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Live Aid coupe—$29,000
  • 1988 beige Lincoln Continental limousine with 16,000 miles—$16,000
  • 1982 Toyota custom pickup truck—$4,200


  • 1987 black Alfa Romeo Veloce convertible—$12,000
  • 1981 Charcoal Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 coupe (really nice late second generation F-cars are beginning to come on—this one sold for $5,000 more than Hagerty’s “all the money” price)—$30,000
  • 1982 gray Ferrari 400i coupe (maybe all 2+2 Ferraris get killed on the market)—$24,000
  • 1981 red Porsche 911 custom coupe—$36,000
  • 1980 black Mercedes-Benz 380SL very custom (it has an LS2) convertible—$30,000
  • 1989 white Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 20th Anniversary Edition coupe with 7,000 miles—$27,000
  • 1989 white Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 20th Anniversary Edition with 677 miles—$25,000
  • 1982 Dune Beige Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40 SUV—$29,000
  • 1982 red Pontiac Firebird Trans Am custom with a Gale Banks 611 bhp twin turbo V8 (the Car and Driver 200 mph cover car for those that remember). I think this was a huge bargain at $23,000.
  • 1982 blue Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40 SUV—$45,000
  • 1989 Rosso Corsa Ferrari 328 GTS targa—$59,000
  • 1981 black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am coupe—$35,000


  • 1986 red Mercedes-Benz 560SL convertible with 9,000 miles—$20,000
  • 1980 Georgian Silver Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible with 16,000 miles (Dean Martin/Dennis Farina owned; did this add much to the price?)—$57,000


  • 1987 black Buick GNX coupe with 11 miles (the top 1980s sale—it doesn’t seem like the GNX is a “Lost Car“—almost exactly at Hagerty’s #1 condition money)—$95,000
  • 1986 black Ferrari Testarossa convertible conversion by Straman, driven by Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial. This drew just a little over Hagerty’s #1 condition for a “normal” 1986 Ferrari Testarossa coupe.—$67,000
  • 1986 red Chevrolet El Camino custom—$17,000
  • 1987 Pearl White Porsche Gemballa Cyrrus custom convertible—$43,000
  • 1985 red Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible—$10,000

Looks like a lot of Mercedes-Benz SLs, turbo Buicks, and 20th Anniversary Trans Ams. What do you think of this year’s results?


2 thoughts on “Eighties Vehicles at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

  1. Interesting list… The Copper C4 is rather rare, actually… and the Ferrari 400? They were an odd mix of grey market cars with imports and were just not that great a car in the first place. Very expensive to maintain, not very fast and not that attractive.

    1. Andy,

      Thanks for the comment. I enjoy the early parts of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale (and Mecum Kissimmee) more than the prime time Fridays and Saturdays because I find the cars more interesting. I am one who always liked the Ferrari 400 – I think it would have done much better if it hadn’t been a Ferrari …

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