Eighties Vehicles at the 2015 Mecum Austin

Mecum’s December auction in Austin included a decent amount of cars from the 1980s. As always, I’ll concentrate on the cars and trucks that actually sold (remember that this is not a no reserve auction—a black 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary coupe with a tan interior was a no sale bid up to $260,000) and add some of my opinions. Where I have covered the specific year and model of a car in this blog, I link to it.


  • 1986 white Chevrolet Corvette mild custom coupe with a red interior and 69,000 miles—$6,250 hammer price
  • 1980 black MGB convertible with a brown interior—$8,500
  • 1983 red/black two-tone Chevrolet El Camino custom pickup truck with a black interior—$15,500
  • 1985 black GMC Sierra pickup truck with a black interior—$14,000 means that this was the first vehicle in this auction to meet my criteria for serious 1980s collectability of original cars or trucks: selling for equal to or above its original base list price. I’ll mark these vehicles in bold green.
  • 1987 silver Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS coupe with a gray interior—$9,500. Most Monte SS’s seem to be blue, white, or maroon—not too many silver ones out there.
  • 1985 red Chevrolet Sierra custom pickup truck with a white interior—$18,000
  • 1985 red Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce convertible with a black interior and 86,000 miles—$10,000
  • 1981 black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition coupe with a black interior—$17,000
  • 1985 black Chevrolet K1500 custom pickup truck with a black interior—$15,000
  • 1982 blue/white two-tone GMC Jimmy mild custom SUV with a blue interior and 2-wheel drive—$5,500
  • 1989 blue/white two-tone Chevrolet K5 Blazer Silverado SUV with a blue interior—$9,000
  • 1980 beige Jeep CJ-5 SUV with a beige interior—$13,500
  • 1982 silver beige Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition coupe with a silver beige interior—$11,000
  • 1986 orange/brown Chevrolet C10 very custom pickup truck with a  multi-colored interior and a 454 cubic inch motor—$13,000
  • 1985 white Chevrolet C10 custom pickup truck with a blue interior—$18,000
  • 1980 beige Chevrolet Corvette coupe with a tan interior—$6,500


  • 1984 red Toyota BJ-40 Land Cruiser SUV with a black interior, a 3.0 liter diesel, and a four-speed manual transmission—$24,000
  • 1981 gray Toyota HJ-47 Land Cruiser pickup truck with a black interior—$20,000
  • 1988 white Land Rover Range Rover SUV with a gray interior—$7,500
  • 1985 white Land Rover Defender 110 SUV with a black interior—at $60,000, by far the highest eighties vehicle sale of the auction.
  • 1983 brown Jeep Scrambler pickup truck with tan interior, the Laredo package, and 36,000 miles—$23,000

Lots of trucks … Jeep and Toyota Land Cruiser prices continue to be strong. What do you think of this auction’s results?


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