They Are Starting to Vanish From the Streets …

… the eighties vehicles, that is.

I can see it in my neighborhood, and I see three phases of this happening.

First to go are the often driven eighties cars. A few months ago, a fourth-generation Honda Civic sedan that I had written about disappeared from its normal street-side parking space. A notably flashier (Mars Red!) and far more modern Mercedes-Benz C-class sedan replaced it—not much bigger, but a major step upmarket.

An original K car wagon sits under snow and a car cover in my neighborhood a few winters ago

Next, those that had been parked for a while finally get taken away. An example is a K car wagon that sat quietly in a driveway next to a small and very well maintained house about two blocks from ours. I rarely saw it move, but it seemed to be in pretty good shape. A few years ago, it was suddenly gone.

Soon, I believe that the only eighties vehicles will be those that folks have plans to save. They’ll also tend to hide in garages or—at very least—under a car cover.

Most of these examples will be special in some way—they will tend to be those classified as collectible by various entities. Like even older cars, they’ll tend to come out only on nicer days.

I think it was first with music that I repeated the observation that “the eighties are no longer recent.” Now, that status seems to be coming to the vehicles this blog follows—the youngest of them is now 32 years old.

Is this slow vanishing happening in your neighborhood, too?


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