1980: What Cars Are Collectible?

The question always arises: what cars are considered collectable? One way is to look at what Hagerty tracks with their valuation tools. For 1980 cars, the full list is below—I have added a few comments.

question mark graphic

Alfa Romeo; Spyder convertible

Alpine; A310 coupe

American Motors; AMX hatchback coupe (in its final year), Pacer hatchback coupe and station wagon, but no Eagle

Aston Martin; Lagonda sedan, V8 coupe and convertible

Avanti; Avanti II coupe

Bentley; Corniche convertible, T2 sedan

BMW; 320i coupe, 633CSi coupe, 733i sedan, M1 coupe

Bristol; 412 convertible

Buick; Regal coupe, Riviera coupe

Cadillac; DeVille coupe and sedan, Eldorado coupe, Fleetwood coupe and sedan, Seville sedan

Checker; Marathon sedan

Chevrolet; C10/K10 pickup truck, C10/K10 Blazer SUV, C10/K10 Suburban SUV, C20/K20 pickup truck, C20/K20 Suburban SUV, Camaro coupe, Corvette coupe, El Camino pickup truck

Clenet; SII convertible

Datsun; 280ZX hatchback coupe

DeTomaso; Deauville sedan (a car I’d never heard of before)

Dodge; D150/W150 pickup truck, D200/W200 pickup truck, D300 pickup truck, Ramcharger SUV

Excalibur; Series IV convertible

Ferrari; 308 GTBi/GTSi coupe, 400i coupe, 512 BB coupe, Mondial coupe

Fiat; 2000 convertible, X1/9 coupe

Ford; Bronco SUV, F-100 pickup truck, F-150 pickup truck, F-250 pickup truck, F-350 pickup truck, Mustang coupe and hatchback coupe, Thunderbird coupe

GMC; C1500/K1500 pickup truck, C2500/K2500 pickup truck, C3500/K3500 pickup truck, Caballero pickup truck

International; Scout II SUV

Jaguar; XJ-6 sedan, XJ-S coupe

Jeep; Cherokee SUV, CJ-5 SUV, CJ-7 SUV, Wagoneer SUV

Lamborghini; Countach coupe

Lancia; Beta coupe, convertible, sedan, and station wagon, Gamma coupe and sedan, Scorpion coupe

Lincoln; Continental coupe and sedan, Continental Mark VI coupe and sedan, Versailles sedan

Lotus; Eclat coupe, Elite hatchback coupe, Esprit coupe

Maserati; Kyalami coupe, Merak coupe, Quattroporte III sedan (I am reminded that I have yet to discuss any eighties Maserati in this blog)

Matra; Bagheera coupe, Murena coupe

Mazda; RX-7 hatchback coupe

Mercedes-Benz; 240D sedan, 280CE coupe, 280E sedan, 280SE sedan, 300CD coupe, 300D sedan, 300SD sedan, 300TD station wagon, 450SEL sedan, 450SL convertible, 450SLC coupe

MG; MGB convertible

Morgan; 4/4 convertible, Plus 8 convertible

Oldsmobile; Toronado coupe

Panther; DeVille convertible and sedan, J72 convertible, Lima convertible

Peugeot; 504 convertible

Plymouth; Trail Duster SUV

Pontiac; Firebird coupe but no Grand Am (Hagerty only tracks them up to 1975)

Porsche; 911 coupe, 924 hatchback coupe, 928 hatchback coupe

Puma; GT coupe, GTC coupe and convertible, GTS convertible

Replicar; sedan and convertible

Rolls-Royce; Camargue coupe, Corniche I coupe and convertible, Phantom VI sedan, Silver Shadow II sedan, Silver Wraith II sedan

Stutz; Bearcat convertible, Blackhawk coupe, Duplex/Iv-Porte/Victoria sedan, Royale sedan

Subaru; BRAT pickup truck

Toyota; Celica hatchback coupe, Land Cruiser SUV

Triumph; TR7 coupe and convertible, TR8 coupe and convertible

Volvo; 242 coupe, 242GT coupe, 244 sedan, 245 station wagon, 262C coupe, 264 sedan, 265 station wagon

Hagerty casts a wide net (AMX!). Coupes are dominant—33% of 156 models listed with an additional 6% being hatchback coupes. Unsurprisingly, the rarest body style is a station wagon, at 3%.


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