Eighties Cars At The 2015 Auctions America Hilton Head

Auctions America’s October auction at Hilton Head was on October 31st. I’ll concentrate on the relatively few 1980s cars and trucks that actually sold (remember that this is not an all no reserve auction—a brown 1980 Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser with a gray interior was bid up to $52,500) and add some of my opinions.

  • 1982 stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12 coupe with a gray interior—$19,000
  • 1989 white Bentley Turbo R sedan with a red interior and over 100,000 miles—$11,000.
  • 1986 red Porsche 930 Turbo coupe with a tan interior—$80,000
  • 1989 white Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition coupe with a black interior and 6,800 miles—$312,500
  • 1984 red Ferrari 512 BBi coupe with a black interior and 3,600 mile—at $327,500, the highest eighties vehicle sale of this auction. Prices for the Berlinetta Boxer have been in orbit; this is about #2 condition money according to Hagerty’s valuation tools.
  • 1986 red Ferrari 412i coupe with a tan interior and 42,000 miles—$65,000. It seems that even some 412s are benefiting from the recent increases in Ferrari prices.
  • 1980 blue Ford Mustang “GT Enduro” very custom coupe with 14,000 miles—$37,000

What do you think of this auction’s results?

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