Happy Holidays For 2013!

Happy holidays for 2013!

This has been an interesting few months for me as I try to kick off this blog. Some things I’ve found:

  1. Merely doing this blog has made me a lot more aware of other good and interesting work on eighties cars being done by other folks. In particular, Curbside Classics and the Hemmings Daily blog often have very interesting 1980s related material, though they often have a different viewpoint than I do.
  2. It’s hard to come up with regular content that I feel is worth posting. As I write this, there are twenty draft posts in various stages of completion, but still found wanting in some way. Maybe there’s not enough visual appeal, maybe I don’t feel like I’m saying anything distinctive, maybe there just isn’t enough content to make a real post.
  3. I still haven’t found a WordPress look I’m happy with. My favorite so far is the 2014 theme, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for.
  4. I am looking to get a little more serious about this blog in the new year. I’m considering other contributors and I’m going to do some things to increase visibility. We’ll see what happens …

Again, happy holidays!


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