Eighties Cars Is Slowing Down for a While

My regular visitors (thank you, folks!) may have noticed that Eighties Cars has been slowing down with its post frequency.

There’s a reason for this situation other than laziness. I’ve started a new book, whose placeholder title is Riviera Project. Riviera Project is intended to be a complete study of the 1963-1999 Buick Riviera, placing it within its times, context, and competition. There are many inspirations for this project, but at least two are posts from Eighties Cars: 1980 Buick Riviera S TYPE coupe and 1984 Buick Rivera T TYPE coupe (one of my first blog entries on this site).

I will continue to post here, but the frequency will be down. If you’d like to follow the Riviera Project, you can do so here.


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