1985 Dodge 600 Coupe

(this was one of my first ten posts in this blog, which I’ve updated to reflect both changes in my posting style and substantial improvements in available data)

The crazy folks at The Truth About Cars posted recently about a 1985 Dodge 600 Coupe as part of their Junkyard Find series.

The Dodge 600 was an extended (E-platform) version of the original K-platform cars, with three more inches of wheelbase. It debuted as a 1983 model, two years after the original K cars made it to market. Other E-platform cars were the Chrysler New Yorker, Chrysler E-Class, and (later) the Plymouth Caravelle.

There were two engines available for the Dodge 600. The base engine was Chrysler’s 99 bhp 2.2 liter K fuel injected inline four. Optional was the 146 bhp 2.2 liter Turbo I turbocharged inline four. Fuel economy for the 146 bhp 2.2 liter Turbo I turbocharged inline four and three-speed automatic transmission combination was 19 city/24 highway by the standards of the day (it would be 17/22 today).

Standard equipment on the $9,060 coupe ($20,600 in today’s dollars) included halogen headlamps and an AM radio. Optional equipment included air conditioning ($757), tinted glass ($115), and tilt steering wheel ($110).

Dodge 600 coupe, courtesy of IFCAR from the Wikimedia Commons.

The original K cars and their many variants were once so common on the roads, but have essentially disappeared in late 2013. I haven’t seen a 600 of any type in years, despite the fact that Dodge made over 300,000 of them between 1983 and 1988. You’ll occasionally see the original Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant cars at AACA shows along with the top of the line Chrysler LeBaron convertibles.

You do occasionally see Dodge 600s for sale in the Hemming’s Motor News classifieds and on eBay Motors: as I write this in June 2015, there’s a Glacier Blue 1987 Cimarron with a Dark Blue leather interior and 11,300 miles listed on Hemmings for $14,900.

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